SimpleSiteAudit-multisite (SSAM) file scanner will remotely monitor all your web sites for file changes, from one ‘Master’ site.

Files that are added, deleted, amended or have changed permissions will be detected. A list of detected changes will be emailed to your nominated email address and stored for viewing in the SSAM GUI.

Set up is simple, and full instructions are contained in the downloadable zip file – see main menu.

The main purpose of SSAM is to act as an early warning system for when/if your site becomes the target of hackers. I have rescued my own sites on several occasions with the help of SSAM.

The script uses PHP’s ftp_rawlist() function and does a recursive scan of each entire web site. The results are returned to the ‘Master’ site server where they are processed for changes locally.

The script can be run manually, from the GUI, or automatically via cron job.