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Welcome to the SSAM website

Do you own or manage one or more web sites?

SimpleSiteAudit is an anti hacker, site intrusion, early warning system. For use with 1 or many sites, all monitored remotely and automatically, via scheduled task or cron job.

SSAM will detect any file change (added, missing, amended or changed permissions) and will send an email alert on detection.

SSAM may also have other uses, please check out the forum.

SimpleSiteAudit is free software, released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

How SSAM came about

Back in 2011, one of my sites was targeted by hackers. Malicious files were placed in various locations, and code had been added to some existing files. After cleaning my site and changing all access details, I started looking for a suitable, anti hacker script that might offer some protection and help me to spot this type of site intrusion before any damage was done. I failed to find anything suitable, so I have written my own script – SimpleSiteAudit Multisite (SSAM).

I’ve now added an admin section, making installation and set up really simple. I’m now willing to share it with anyone who has a use for it.



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